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Limited stock: Estimated ship date within 1-2 weeks
Granulating Insert Reibekuchen
Part Number: 420306561570
Compatible Model: HR2831/B HR2833/B HR7600 HR7605 HR7633/A HR7633/B HR7633/C HR7633/D HR7633/E HR7633/F HR7633/G HR7633/H HR7633/J HR7633/K HR7638/A HR7638/B HR7638/C HR7638/D HR7638/G HR7638/H HR7638/I HR7638/J HR7638/K HR7639 HR7639/J HR7640 HR7641 HR7735/55 HR7735/80 HR7739/55 HR7740/55 HR7740/56 HR7740/80 HR7744/55 HR7744/56 HR7745/55 HR7745/80 HR7753/01 HR7754 HR7754/01 HR7756/01 HR7764 HR7765

Granulating Insert Reibekuchen 420306561570

SKU: 420306561570
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