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Blender Knife Assy
Part Number: 300005873771
Compatible Model: HR2111/01 HR2115/00 HR2115/01 HR2115/02 HR2115/03 HR2115/30 HR2115/33 HR2115/40 HR2115/43 HR2115/60 HR2115/63 HR2116/00 HR2116/01 HR2116/03 HR2116/30 HR2116/33 HR2116/40 HR2116/43 HR2116/60 HR2116/63 HR2117/02 HR2118/01 HR2118/02 HR2120/01 HR2120/02 HR2061 HR2068

Blender Knife Assy 300005873771

SKU: 300005873771
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