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HEPA exhaust filter
Part Number: 422245948841
Compatible Model: FC8220/01 FC8220/02 FC8220/31 FC8222/01 FC8224/01 FC8226/01 FC8229/61 FC8230/01 FC8230/51 FC8232/01 FC8232/60 FC8234/01 FC8236/01 FC8270/01 FC8272/01 FC8274/01 FC8276/01 FC8276/31 FC8278/01 FC8279/61 FC8280/01 FC8280/60 FC8282/01 FC8282/51 FC8284/01 FC8284/51 FC8284/60 FC8286/01

HEPA exhaust filter 422245948841

SKU: 422245948841
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