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Floor Nozzle RD264 Conical 1 pcs
Part Number: 432200423820
Compatible Model: FC8748/01 FC8915/01 FC8916 FC8919 FC9084 FC9222/02 FC9261 HR8323 HR8345 HR8346/C HR8514 HR8532 HR8536 HR8539 HR8568/A HR8568/B HR8568/C HR8568/D HR8568/E HR8571/A HR8571/C HR8731 HR8733 HR8735 HR8745 HR8765 HR8837 HR8838 HR8847 HR8881 HR8882 HR8891 HR8892 HR8893 HR8895 HR8897

Floor Nozzle RD264 Conical 1 pcs 432200423820

SKU: 432200423820
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